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Expert Resource specializes in all of these standards. Our consultants provide comprehensive services including document development, training, gap assessments, internal auditing, corrective action assistance, implementation and consulting.

MedAccred Seminar

Expert Resource offers a one-day MedAccred seminar introducing the basics of MedAccred standards, Roadmap to MedAccred Certification, step-by-step implementation guidance, tips for success, and resources.

This seminar is designed for beginners and those mid-way through implementation.

For more information, contact us at +1-714-337-3321 or click here to send an email.

Funding: Many of our clients qualify for State and/or US Federal funding for training. This reimburses costs associated with consulting and registration. Please contact us for more information.


MedAccred Training for Every Standard
Expert Resource is the only consulting company to offer such a diverse curriculum of topics taught by subject matter experts in your field with extensive practical know-how and auditing experience.  These trainings are ideal for companies preparing to implement MedAccred for the first-time.

Our course catalog has training courses for all 7 task groups and every MedAccred standard under those task groups.  We also present those courses in three different ways (for process owners, planners, and operators) to ensure that your system's direct users receive the content in the manner that best suits their skills and job functions.  Further, ER ensures that each course is tailored to meet your unique way of doing business.  

In cases where you would like to combine courses or even design your own, we accomodate those requests as well.  Simply call our offices to discuss your needs and we will create a course around your operation.

Expert Resource also offers more general MedAccred seminars including Introduction to MedAccred & eAuditNet and Root Cause Corrective Action (RCCA) training in 8D Format.  read more

Call us today to schedule your training at +1-714-337-3321.

Course Catalog

   Cable & Wire Harness (CH)

   Heat Treating (HT)


   Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

   Sterilization (STN)

   Welding (WLD)
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