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Expert Resource specializes in all of these standards. Our consultants provide comprehensive services including document development, training, gap assessments, internal auditing, corrective action assistance, implementation and consulting.

MedAccred Seminar

Expert Resource offers a one-day MedAccred seminar introducing the basics of MedAccred standards, Roadmap to MedAccred Accreditation, step-by-step implementation guidance, tips for success, and resources.

This seminar is designed for beginners and those mid-way through implementation.

For more information, contact us at +1-714-337-3321 or click here to send an email.

Funding: Many of our clients qualify for State and/or US Federal funding for training. This reimburses costs associated with consulting and registration. Please contact us for more information.


MedAccred Sterilization (STN) Consulting & Training
Sterilization (STN)

AC8113 MedAccred Audit Criteria for Sterilization

MedAccred Audit Criteria for Radiation (Gamma & E-Beam)
MedAccred Audit Criteria for Ethylene Oxide
Expert Resource is the Leader in Sterilization Consulting & Training
Expert Resource's MedAccred Sterilization consultants have many hundreds of Nadcap audits and Nadcap client certifications in their repertoire. No other company has more cumulative experience than ER and it is likely that ER provides more Nadcap & MedAccred consulting than all others combined. Our clients include over a dozen of the Prime aerospace contractors, to hundreds of medium and small shops.  100% of clients pass their first attempt at any certification.

We can provide an all-inclusive turn-key program or a la carte services as needed. Although there a few others firms on the internet that offer MedAccred consulting, only Expert Resource provides this breadth of services.  We would be pleased to provide a customized proposal and presentation at no cost.

Typical MedAccred services include:
  • Introductory MedAccred Training

  • Nadcap Root Cause Corrective Action (RCCA) Training in 8D format

  • Training specific to your MedAccred special processes 

  • Gap Assessment Report

  • Document Mapping of Requirements to Documents

  • Document Development* & Training

  • Internal Auditor Training and Mentoring

  • Internal Auditing Services

  • Corrective Action NCR Submissions, in the event of any findings

*Although we can create documentation from scratch when needed, we would never force you to use templates the way most other consultants do.  We would rather upgrade your current way of doing business than force you to re-engineer your business.  

MedAccred Sterilization Training Courses
We offer training courses for the MedAccred Sterilization standard (Radiation & Ethylene Oxide).  The duration ranges from a couple hours to a full day.  Although the curriculum is standarized to ensure consistency with MedAccred requirements, it is customized to your company's exact needs. We have courses designed for operators, planners, process owners and internal auditors, targeting the unique needs of each position and their respective roles in successful MedAccred certification audits.

How Soon Can You Be Nadcap Audit Ready?
Our typical client takes about 4 months to implement their MedAccred systems and become audit-ready, but we can help clients acheive certification in as little as 2 months. This does not mean that we are on-site for 4 straight months, rather we are on-site approximately one week per month at your facility to reduce the potential for business disruption.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and to receive our customized proposal and clients' testimonials.

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